We are very aware of the importance of supplying a top quality service to our clients and with this in mind our directors are personally responsible for Quality Assurance. Presently, we do not have a SABS Quality Rating but are in the process of being evaluated to this end. We do, however, consistently meet and exceed industry standards by using a SUMMIT PROJECTS


Quality System that was established towards achieving the following objectives:

  • To instill a culture amongst our staff and associates of quality awareness and value in such a manner that top quality is the norm.
  • To reduce the cost of potential losses and waste due to defective work.
  • To ensure that all prospective customers are satisfied that services supplied to an order/project will comply and exceed their specified requirements.
  • To ensure that orders/projects are completed within an agreed time scale with no compromise on quality.
  • To minimize risk to our own personnel, other contractors, our client and the public on all our sites.
  • To improve managerial and technical skills.
  • To encourage self-discipline and attention to detail.
  • To strive to achieve profit objectives by optimizing the cost of quality assurance against the value of perceived goodwill and credibility.


We are totally committed to quality and will not accept anything but the best. We are aware that without quality assurance our company will not continue on its path of growth and prosperity.